augmented reality

Our First Photo Shoot

This week we recruited a photographer and videographer to follow us around Montrose and get some photos and video for our website (still no private jets or a gregarious entourage in our #entrepreneurlife, sorry) PLUS we reveal an exciting update. Check it out below or click through to watch on YouTube. 

We Launched Our Start-Up Vlog

In an effort to document our entrepreneurial journey in the world of augmented reality, my co-founder and I decided to launch a YouTube channel! There is so much noise our there about what entrepreneurship is supposed to look like, we wanted a way to share what actually means to found, build and run and start-up (hint: it does not include private jets, luxury overwater villas or Chanel purses) . If you want to follow our journey you can subscribe to our channel, S&L, here and check out our first video below.