Escape Vlog Series: Barbados

We packed our bags and jetted off the Barbados last month and documented our trip with a vlog series. There are beachfront villas, swimming with turtles, a proposal, drones, shipwrecks, and more clear blue water than one could ever need. Check it out below. 

Hotel: Fairmont Royal Pavillion

Dive Shop: High Tide Watersports

S&L Vlogs: First Trip to San Francisco as Co-Founders!

We went to San Francisco! And went to a lot of meetings! So much cool tech stuff is happening and we can't wait to share it with everyone. Want more? LL also did a travel vlog of tourist stuff to do in SF: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIm6iDj3Bv0

Our First Photo Shoot

This week we recruited a photographer and videographer to follow us around Montrose and get some photos and video for our website (still no private jets or a gregarious entourage in our #entrepreneurlife, sorry) PLUS we reveal an exciting update. Check it out below or click through to watch on YouTube.